Choose for our rebooking guarantee

Opt for our rebooking guarantee and let us help you exclude as many risks as possible, so you can look forward to your holiday with your mind at ease.

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What happens when you are confronted with a code red or orange in consequence to the Corona virus?

What happens when you are confronted with a code red or orange in consequence to the Corona virus?

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Where can I find current information on travel advice for the South of France?

For a full overview of government websites, see the article below.

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Corona proof on a holiday?

We are convinced that you can have a safe and pleasant holiday with us! Read on for more information.

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Local contact person

Q Home works with local partners, who all manage 10 to 20 homes around the area where they themselves live.

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standard in our holiday houses

Before we accept a holiday house for rental, we thoroughly check the inventory to make sure that the facilities are adequate for the maximum number of persons accepted for rentals.

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Cancellation of any travel insurance

Q Home currently has no cancellation travel insurance and we advise you, if in doubt, to ask your current insurance company, if your holiday is covered for cancellation.

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Cancellation Policy

What happens if you have to cancel your holiday? You should contact Q Home as soon as possible to allow us to cancel the contract (see terms and conditions).

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Terms and conditions Q Home

When booking your holiday home, you agree to Q Home’s  General terms and conditions.

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Who have you made the contract with?

You, as a tenant, have made a contract with Q Home BV season rental, located at: Middelweg 104, 2241 AS in Wassenaar, legally represented by Ms Debby Trouw-Le-Fèbre and / or Mr. Folkert Trouw

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The booking process

The Booking process involves a number of consecutive steps

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Payment of the rental fee and deadlines

When you have booked your holiday rental, you get a copy of the contract with an overview of the costs associated with the reservation.

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Refund of deposit

The deposit is paid, in most cases with the rent within the above deadlines. The deposit will be returned after a satisfactory final inspection by Q Home at departure, within 10 days after the end of the rental.

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What to do in case of a complaint about the holiday house I’ve been renting?

If you have a complaint about the holiday house you’ve been renting, the local manager/owner is your first point of contact. A complaint must always be reported directly to the local contact person (manager/owner) during your stay, within 24 hours of its occurrence. This way it can be treated as quickly and efficiently as possible.
The e-mail you received from us about 4 weeks before the start of your holiday contains the contact details of this person.

If you are of the opinion that your complaint has not been sufficiently addressed after this contact, you can contact the Q Home service desk at
In that case, please let us know why you are not satisfied with the solution already offered and sufficiently add to your complaint information and some photos.

Noise disturbance

All holiday guests wish an undisturbed holiday. In France, the same rules for noise pollution apply as at home. Please take into account the neighbors/environment and vice versa they should also take you into account.

Construction work in the vicinity of the holiday house is not always predictable by the owner or Q Home. In the south of France, construction sites sometimes stand still for several years and are then restarted without consultation with the neighbors of the respective builders. In general, most tourist regions have a building stop in July and August. These rules do not apply in the low season. The homeowner and Q Home are not liable for any noise nuisance caused by construction work in the vicinity.

If a nuisance occurs, the manager or the owner can discuss with the respective workmen / neighbors whether the noise can be adjusted so that they do not disturb your stay, but unfortunately we can not guarantee this.

Garden and swimming pool

A beautiful garden needs regular maintenance, just like the swimming pool. It gets periodically cleaned and checked whether it is at the correct salt/chlorine and PH level. This happens as much as possible in the early morning and on changeover days.

Keep in mind that excessive use of sunscreen or other lotions can make the pool water cloudy. These creams and oils are difficult to remove from the pool water and can have a strong influence on the quality of the water. A shower before swimming or letting the cream soak in for at least 30 minutes before entering the pool is highly recommended. We also ask the tenants to use the net to remove any dirt and leaves that are blown into the pool by the wind so that the filtering continues to work properly.

Major maintenance to the gardens is of course done in the spring and autumn when the villa is not rented out. During rental, smaller activities such as mowing the lawn must be done so that the site remains tidy. You may not refuse the gardeners access to the property. Normally the gardener and pool service have their own key (not to the villa). You don’t have to stay at home for this. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local contact person.


The amount and type of insects varies greatly from year, season and region. In general, rural areas can be expected to be home to mosquitoes, wasps, or insects resembling wasps. The latter only come to drink from the pool and are not aggressive. There are usually fewer mosquitoes on the coast.

Some houses are provided with mosquito nets, but not all, or not completely. If you put particular importance to it, we can check with the owner for you before making your decision. It is your responsibility to provide other mosquito repellents. In principle, these are not present in the house.

If you find a wasp nest in or near the rented house, you can contact your local contact person so that we can see if it can be removed. However, insects often come from far (1.5-2km) to look for water, so often the actual nests are difficult to locate.


The presence of internet is offered as an extra service and is not part of the rental agreement. You can find information about this in the characteristics of the property you have booked. Please note, the functioning and speed of the internet cannot be guaranteed, even if it is indicated that it is present. Neither the owner nor Q Home can be blamed for the non-functioning or slow functioning of the internet. The internet in France is slower in much less populated regions than in Northern Europe. This is because a large part of the network goes above ground with cables, which are much more sensitive to failure/damage. The houses and villages are also much more spread out, which increases the risk of delays or malfunctioning signals.

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